serafina said so.


the six stages of your separation


The first day you wake up alone
The empty space beside you will ache like a phantom limb
Drape your arm selfishly across this vacant lot
It is prime real estate


A week later, on a Thursday evening
You will forget how to cook for one
Wrap the leftovers in tinfoil
Everything will taste better tomorrow


When the season of your love repeats itself
You will find him in your bed again
And marvel at how he still smells the same
He will not notice you wear a different perfume


Half a year and six full moons later
His hands will still haunt your dreams
You will resent how his paintbrush pointer finger and rough canvas palms
Have stained everything around you


It has been six hundred and forty two days
Since the hurricane of your introduction
And the memory of him is a broken clock
Struggling to repeat its patterns


You will meet for lunch at two thirty
And pretend you have nowhere else to be
Again, when he bares his teeth
You will only admire his smile

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